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Develop Your Podcast

Are you an aspiring podcaster who wants to start a podcast but aren’t sure where to start? Are you overwhelmed by technology and equipment? Not sure whether you have something to say, let alone enough to sustain a long-term show?

Developing and creating a podcast is a rewarding journey of creativity, curiosity, and connection. There will be moments when you’re on top of the world. People will resonate with something you say, tell you how much you’ve impacted their lives, and share it with all of their friends. Then there will be days when your equipment doesn’t work, you lose your files, hate the sound of your voice, or there is so much background noise you re-record your episode seven times. Not to mention the low download numbers, the feeling that no one is listening, and the stories you tell yourself about being a fraud, and other people know it too. You’re going to process a lot of emotions, and that’s a beautiful part of podcasting.

Develop Your Podcast is a 4-hour one-on-one virtual workshop designed to transform your creative spark into an action plan. You’ll understand why you are creating your podcast, what your values are, how they connect to your show, and most importantly, your definition of success. That way, when things happen (or don’t happen the way you expect them to), you are emotionally and strategically prepared.

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You’re new to podcasting!
  • Need help choosing podcast equipment and hosting!
  • Want to transform your idea into a podcasting roadmap for long-term success!

What you’ll get:

  • A focused 4-hour one-on-one virtual session exploring motivations, technical abilities, values, show details, and so much more!
  • A PDF workbook with discovery questions and prompts for developing your podcast!
  • Email check-ins for accountability and support!


“I was in the process of making a pivot in my career and personal life, and by the randomness of life, I bumped into Chris’s Curiosity Builders program, his podcast, and this workshop.

As expected, when you’re starting something new, I was confused, not sure which direction to take, the sequence of steps to go through, or how to move from having an idea about a podcast to making it happen. Then, this course came full of strategic questions that guided me through the process from thinking about a podcast into creating one. Every segment is very well thought, organized, and moves you through what you need to do know, including anticipating potential obstacles you may encounter, and tools you’ll need.

After completing it, months later, I found myself stuck on the launching of the podcast, and this time, as part of my night reading I went back to the workbook to reflect about the steps I needed to change and adjustments for the future; that’s how helpful this program is!

I can tell you that this course has the right content, the right format, the right organization to guide through the process of thinking about a podcast to make it happen. And fundamentally, it’s written by a person that has the wisdom, caring, and expertise of a true podcaster, and if you follow his guidance, amazing things will happen with your podcast!”

– Patricia E. Zurita Ona, Psy.D.

“I had been thinking about creating a podcast for ages. I knew I should do it, I knew it would be great for my business and my craft, but I didn’t know how to start. I felt overwhelmed, confused, and scared, if I’m honest.

It remained an idea in my imagination until I asked Chris for help.

As I worked through Chris’s fabulous workbook and asked him questions, my podcast idea became more refined. I felt more confident in the process, how to get started, what programs to use. I gained clarity on why I wanted to podcast, which helped refine the many choices I had to make as I worked through this process.

While I know my first few episodes and seasons will still be far from perfect, Chris has already helped me avoid potential pitfalls and accelerated my learning. (Ultimately, this will save me money and countless hours of frustration – so valuable!)

I’ve started recording my podcast. Without Chris, I imagine, I would have continued to procrastinate and make excuses to keep me stuck. I’m so grateful for his expertise and approachable manner. He’s helped me so much and I’m sure he’ll help you too.”

– Hannah Fitzgibbon