An important component of my professional work is equipping and empowering other creative professionals, DIYers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and students in the technical and communication arts. For over seven years, I was an adjunct instructor at Clark College in Vancouver, WA and even received the college’s Exceptional Faculty Award in 2014. Doing this work has strengthened my abilities to create curriculum, connect with students, and coach them to set goals and achieve them.

Whether you are an individual looking for one-on-one instruction or a team of 10 (or more) needing to expand your abilities, I offer half-day and full-day virtual workshops in video production, video editing, podcasting, motion graphics, and professional and business-related practices.

I also love speaking to high school and college students about business, entrepreneurship, creativity, curiosity, filmmaking, and podcasting.

Half-Day Workshops

  • Develop Your Podcast
  • Asking Better Questions
  • Why Are You So Afraid of Video?

Full-Day Workshops

  • DIY Documentary
  • Intro to Video for Photographers
  • The Curiosity Toolkit: How to Be More Curious
The Curiosity Killers

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Develop Your Podcast is an online workshop that walks you through every step of the podcast development process. From an understanding of who you are, what you want to talk about, who your audience is, and the impact you want to make to understanding how your podcast connects to your personal and professional goals, this workshop sets the foundation for long-term success.

The Curiosity Killers

Available Email Series

The (Seven Deadly) Curiosity Killers is a seven-part email series that identifies how you are killing your curiosity. Each day focuses on one killer and provides a few steps you can take to build your curiosity through wonder, learning, and action. It’s going to be a fun and serious look at why curiosity matters.

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Start Right Now Audio Course Cover

Available Audio Course

Every creative entrepreneur I know, myself included, have the same problem: We have this great idea for a creative project, but struggle to get it out of our heads and into the world. It’s one thing working for a client, but the minute we do something for ourselves? We hit every creative barrier and bottleneck.

In this audio course, I’m going to share why you struggle to start right now, how to build and refine your creative process, and why starting right now is actually the best way to learn and grow.

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