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With an emphasis on emerging technologies—virtual reality and augmented reality, user experience for mixed reality, citizen engagement in virtual spaces, and building cultures of equality—I worked with the awesome people at Design Week Portland to produce one minute promotional videos for the 2019 festival.

Design Week Portland 2019: Women + The Future

One theme popping up this year: the role of design in AR/VR. Ladies’ Night PDX and 52 Limited will host a panel discussion with woman leaders from VR, AR, and AI discussing the challenges and successes for diversity in this field and ways to get experience with emerging tech.

Attendees will get an immersive experience in Augmented Reality sponsored by Torch 3D; and Virtual Reality experience by The Wild.

Design Week Portland 2019: User Experience in XR

Interaction designer, Em Ivers was inspired by OMSI as kid and it was these experiences at the museum that contributed to her career as a designer working with emerging technologies in Portland.

In a talk during Design Week Portland, Em and product designer, Rian Long, will dig deep into topics ranging from theoretical to pragmatic. They will cover the state of the XR industry, spatial design fundamentals, and the physio- and psychological principles that impact XR user experiences and prototyping.

Design Week Portland 2019: Democratizing VR for More Liveable Cities

Explore two VR experiences during “Democratizing VR for More Liveable Cities.” Bora Architects, Open Signal (+ a number of partners) host a panel of designers and community members to discuss challenges in providing access to emerging tech as part of the placemaking process.

Design Week Portland 2019: Designing Your Story in AR/VR for Maximum Impact and Engagement

Frank Spillers, Experience Dynamics CEO and instructor for the Interaction Design Foundation, is leading a storytelling workshop called “Designing Your Story in AR/VR for Maximum Impact and Engagement.” “Storytelling is quickly emerging as a key UX design skill for designing immersive experiences” and in this video, Spillers explains why: “The shift from third-person to first-person narrative.”


Design Week Portland


  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens
  • Sennheiser MKE600
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • FilmConvert