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Using the power of visual storytelling, the fundamentals of narrative and documentary filmmaking, and a passion for the craft, Chris Martin Studios partners with creators, companies, and causes to bring stories that matter to life!



Episodic docuseries and web series are an excellent way to tell the saga of your community, organization, or cause. Here are three episodic series produced by Chris Martin Studios:

Process & Progress

Every project produced by Chris Martin Studios follows a four-stage process that ensures collaboration, goal achievement, and completion.

Stage 1: The Plan

Through scriptwriting, scheduling, and planning of budgets, crew, and equipment, your ideas and stories will be transformed into an action plan with clear goals and achievable deadlines for your project’s production, editing, and launching.

Stage 2: The Action

Lights! Camera! Action! Your comprehensive plan is ready to come to life through the production process. Additional materials will also be created and curated, such as graphics, animation, sound, and music.

Stage 3: The Edit

With all raw assets produced and curated, it’s time to edit, refine, and polish them into your finished project that meets your goals and objectives. Your story is meticulously cared for and crafted from an assembly draft and rough edits to a final color-corrected and audio-mixed video.

Stage 4: The Launch

Everything you need to publish and share through your website and social media networks is prepared for you when the video is complete and ready to share with the world. While the launch is the grand finale, every project stage has the end product in mind.