Now that you know the differences between all the various social video platforms discussed in this series, it’s time to focus on your website. The typical thought for incorporating video on your website is by embedding a video that is hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. I do this often on my site and it is very quick and effective. But there are a few more ways to use video that will go beyond just embedding video and calling it good.

The Video Hero

The video hero is popular on many modern websites because it can visually and quickly introduce the culture of a company or organization. The best video heroes do not have audio and instead choose to focus on a variety of engaging shots. In one of my favorite examples linked below, Gravitate introduces their space and team by dollying through their location in one smooth shot. As the offices change, people are introduced and you get a great sense of not only the corporate culture, but also the individual characters and shop dog.

Great examples include:

Fullscreen Video

Taking the video hero concept to the extreme, fullscreen video sites fill the entire background of the site with video and animated content. These sites remind me of the fullscreen Flash sites created in the early 2000s: beautiful, engaging, and dynamic.

Great examples include:


Another interesting concept you could use on your site is animated photography called Cinemagraphs. Instead of the entire frame in motion, cinemagraphs take a static shot and animate one section. There are great examples on the website above, but I have also seen them in action on whiskey and cooking websites. They grab your attention because of the subtlety of motion.

Animated GIFs

These aren’t technically video, but instead of using stills, create animated GIFs for your image content that you can embed in blog posts or other textual content. While you can use a search engine, such as GIPHY, to find animated GIFs to use, you can easily create your own in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe After Effects.

Regardless of how you use video on your website, set out to try new things. Push yourself to continue building your audience by creating engaging videos with compelling visuals and a lush soundtrack. Each year, new technologies emerge that make it even easier and more affordable to create great videos. How will you get started with video?