2015 was a difficult year full of heartache, detours, restarts, and doubts. But in the midst of the struggle, I was able to do work that brought value to my clients and enriched my life.

Proud Moment #1: Clearing My Backlog of Work

A backlog of work can be a wonderful thing. It means I’m in-demand and people want to work with me. But my backlog was different. It was psychological in nature and centered around stories I had already captured and was waiting for the inspiration and motivation to occur. Too many of these moments can be devastating to a creative person because they can force feelings of doubt. For me, I second-guessed my intuition and creativity.

As I finished the video on my photographer friend Joe Wilson and showed it to him, he loved it. It helped his potential clients understand him more. Friends said it was my best looking video yet. I started to get a glimmer of confidence back.

My next project that needed to be finished was a video on a friend that loves to cook. It was hard to finish because there were factors beyond my control that were affecting me emotionally. Finally, I just had to get it done. And it was met with the same response as the video for Joe. She loved it. It served as a reminder for her passion. It was a reminder to me that people want to watch the work I create.

As the backlog cleared, I finally had time to think about new projects and what I wanted to be doing with my life.

Proud Moment #2: The Patient Photographer

I list this video as a proud moment because it is completely different from the work I have done in the past. There is no interview to drive the story. There is only music and the various angles captured of a focused and passionate newborn photographer. Her love and patience for her subject (newborns) helped me to go beyond how I think about my own craft. This project was also the catalyst to doing the necessary work to clear my backlog of work.

Proud Moment #3: I Started to Invest in Me

I began to take time for my health and well-being. I started to ask for help. I took the first step in no longer hiding from the things I wanted to create and do with my life. I stopped doing web development, something I had been doing for 20 years, because it was distracting me from my passion of filmmaking and connecting with other people.

These are the moments that 2016 is built upon. I am looking forward to what will unfold as I step away from my hiding place and remember what it is like to share my work with the world.