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The Curiosity Collection, Volume 1

Whether I’m sharing what I’m curious about, reveling in what intrigues other people, or being shaped by inspirational ideas, a recurring theme in every episode of Getting Work To Work┬áis curiosity.

Here are twenty episodes of the show (ten interviews and ten monologues) that stoke my curiosity and hopefully will inspire you in new ways.


  1. “The Spark of Curiosity” with Hannah Fitzgibbon (GWTW421)
  2. “The Ripple Effect” with Maurice Cherry (GWTW413)
  3. “Nose Dive” with Catherine Haley Epstein (GWTW398)
  4. “The Handmade Journey” with Gary Rogowski (GWTW350)
  5. “The Vision of Hope & Chocolate” with Shawn Askinosie (GWTW341)
  6. “The Virtues of a Rare Breed” with Sunny Bonnell (GWTW308)
  7. “It’s All Life” with Tina Essmaker (GWTW245)
  8. “The Wonderful World of Trivia” with Emily Prokop (GWTW239)
  9. “Be More Pirate” with Sam Conniff Allende (GWTW221)
  10. Interview with Kelley Baker (GWTW84)


  1. Why I Interview People And Why You Should Too! (GWTW422)
  2. Reexamining My Weaknesses (GWTW418)
  3. Underdogs Unite! (GWTW400)
  4. Fiercely Independent (GWTW387)
  5. The Curious Nature of Play (GWTW348)
  6. Outsiders of Curiosity (GWTW334)
  7. Lost Art of Liner Notes (GWTW304)
  8. Curiosity for Stories (GWTW223)
  9. Why So Curious? (GWTW201)
  10. Creativity, Curiosity & Culture (GWTW37)