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An important component of my professional work is equipping and empowering other creative professionals, DIYers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and students in the technical and communication arts. For over seven years, I was an adjunct instructor at Clark College in Vancouver, WA and even received the college’s Exceptional Faculty Award in 2014. Doing this work has strengthened my abilities to create curriculum, connect with students, and coach them to set goals and achieve them.

Whether you are an individual looking for one-on-one instruction or a team of 10 (or more) needing to expand your abilities, I offer half-day and full-day workshops in video production, video editing, podcasting, motion graphics, and professional and business-related practices.

I also love speaking to high school and college students about business, creativity, and filmmaking.

Available Half-Day Workshops

Available Full-Day Workshops

Curiosity Builders

Why spend all your energy producing work that doesn’t align with your values? What better way to be your unique self than saying no to conformity? Why not do your best work while laughing in the face of mediocrity? Curiosity Builders helps creative entrepreneurs build businesses and launch projects that fuel their lives through online courses and email series.

Available Email Series

Build your curiosity today with The (Seven Deadly) Curiosity Killers.

Learn more about Curiosity Builders.


Whether I am giving technical talks or sharing stories about my experiences as a creative professional, speaking is a way for me to motivate and inspire people to act.

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Storytelling is Everything!

Event: WR 2019 Leadership Conference

Effective storytelling is more than just creating technically perfect projects, it is everything! In this talk, I expand the everything of storytelling into four areas: story, storyteller, audience, and technology. There are also six motivational moments for making the most of your storytelling journey.

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How to Learn, Make, and Grow: Reflections on 5 Years of Teaching Technical Courses

Event: Devsigner 2017

For five years, I taught a variety of technical courses (web design and development, video production, motion graphics, and professional practices) at a local community college and witnessed a lot of helpful and destructive learning habits. In this session, I share positive insights on how students and seasoned professionals can have a deeper connection to what they are learning, make with increased frequency, and grow into the type of creative professional they desire to be. Whether you find yourself in college right now, want to learn something new, or feel stuck in your current skill levels, this session will move you forward.

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DIY Documentary: Using the Art of Documentary to Promote Your Work

Event: Devsigner 2016

Whether you want to create a behind the scenes look at how your work is created or you want to poke fun at how serious the work can be (think Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries), documentary video is a fun and engaging way to share with your clients and your audience what you’re all about. I shared five ways designers, developers, and creative professionals can use the art of documentary video to promote themselves or their work.

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Dear Designers

Event: Devsigner 2015

No one discounts the value designers bring to the web and app development process, but there are things they need to know about coding and development in order to make the entire journey from concept to completion run smoother.

Pulling from experiences working as a solo devsigner on small projects and as a developer on larger projects, Chris talks about ways designers can improve communication with developers so that the end product is both functional and beautiful, while keeping account managers happy.

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Becoming Better Devsigners by Teaching Others

Event: Devsigner 2014

A talk about how teaching others to do what I do has made me a better person–creatively, socially, humanly–and not only helped me to become a better devsigner, but also probably saved my creative career.

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Social Business Strategies: Get Social, Do Business

Event: 140 Characters Conference Northwest 2011

In May 2011, Bruce Elgort and I gave a talk about the role of social business at the 140 Characters Conference Northwest. The main takeaway was that social business is about POSTER: People, Objectives, Strategies, Technology, Evangelism, and Rules of Engagement.

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