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Chasing big ideas, telling epic stories, leaving living legacies…why is this my mission? Well, I’m intrigued with people who have big ideas and visions for their lives, and actually bring them to life.

I have so many questions: How long did it take to go from dream to reality? When did you finally have enough belief to get to work? What was the moment that made you go from debilitating fear to courageous action? How have you impacted others with your work?

In every relationship and product created by Chris Martin Studios, this mission comes alive by building curiosity, discovering purpose, unveiling unique stories, and getting work to work. To sum it all up, my creative process is really about diving into your soul and bringing stories to the surface.

What big idea are you chasing?

Ever since I was a kid, I loved maps and road atlases. They helped me to see how everything was connected, how to get from point A to point B, how far away other cities were from my hometown, and the routes I could take to get out of town in a hurry.

Much like a road trip, creative projects are more efficient when we know the lay of the land. More importantly, road trips are more fun when you are traveling with people you like, know, and trust. This is where the question—what big idea are you chasing?—comes into play. It is the most important question I ask of anyone I work with. It is the spark, the big picture, and the compass all in one powerful question.

Have a big idea you are chasing and want to tell your epic story? Let’s talk!

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