I’m a huge fan of finding and implementing repeatable processes. While repeatable processes could seem counter to the creative process, limits and structure are critical and help avoid indecision disorder, procrastination, and perfectionism. It comes down to this simple adage highly productive people will tell you: If you know what you need to do, it makes it easier to do it.

I recently began charting some tasks on a sheet of paper and fell into a simple quadrant system that I plan on using for future projects. In the center is a place to write the GOAL to achieve. The remainder of the sheet is sectioned into BUILD, CONTACT, MARKET, and LEARN quadrants for tasks relating to those areas.


Promote, Advance, and Grow: An Example

GOAL: To promote, advance, and grow my business.

BUILD: The tasks necessary to build out my website to accommodate my growth. A few tasks include improving my SEO, moving my contact information to the top of the site, adding some additional copy throughout, and adding motion graphics and photography to The Goods section.

CONTACT: People I needed to contact for possible work and appointments.

MARKET: The ways I want to market my business including promotional videos (which I will be filling out goal quadrants for), swag, marketing ideas, and an updated photo.

LEARN: Finally, in this quadrant I list the topics I want to learn more about. While most of the entries were relating to technical skills, I also wrote down aspects of sales and marketing I want to grow in.

There are Numerous Tools

While I don’t anticipate my goal quadrant to be life changing for many, I do expect it to focus and sharpen my ability to set and achieve goals. There are an unlimited amount of tools, models, and apps for productivity, but the best tools are the ones you actually use.

Download a copy of the GOAL QUADRANT worksheet