Proud of Your Marketing?

Proud of Your Marketing?

What feeling do you get when you hand out your business card? Are you excited to hand over your business card or perhaps you feel a sense of dread? No emotion at all?

I love experimenting with new ideas, unique shapes, textures, and colors, but I didn’t think much about the emotional transaction that occurs when handing out creative marketing materials.

Recently, I got die-cut stickers made (thanks Sticker Mule!) and not only do I feel proud of what I’ve created, but the response reinforces my pride: “Wow, these are awesome!” Combine the stickers with buttons and business cards and I’ve got a package of fun creative materials that evoke surprise and delight.

As you approach creative marketing in all of its forms in 2019, do not forget to factor in the pride you feel and the wow factor of your marketing materials. Make something so great, you can’t wait to give them all away and order more.

If you need some new ideas, feel free to reach out and schedule a time to talk. I would love to help you surprise and delight your customers.

Thanks to my good friend Kyle Shold of Freshwater Bay Creative for taking this photo of my creative marketing materials.