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The Radiant Badass with Elizabeth Holmes

After two seasons into Trust Tree Talks, co-host Elizabeth Holmes (no, not that one!) was ready to start her own podcast. Unsure of where to start, we worked together using the Unlock Your Creative Journey program to discover the show’s format. She committed to producing a weekly show as she dove deeper into who she was, connected with her authentic voice, and saw herself as a podcaster.

Elizabeth scripts her shows and brings several to a monthly recording session over Zoom. Since her show combines comedy with insight, having an audience helps her know how the emotions and feelings are landing. To ensure excellent audio quality, Elizabeth records audio locally and uploads files to a shared folder.

From there, I give insight into how she is growing and what to focus on next. I edit the shows, and Elizabeth then does the rest of the publishing process on her own.

One fun byproduct of our work was crafting an original show opening that reflected her rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities and sharp wit.