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From One Caregiver to Another

When I met Kay Coughlin, she was in the midst of a podcast experiment: She did everything herself and produced almost daily content for an entire month. In our initial conversations about working together, I heard where her creativity soared and the places in the process where she needed someone else to step in.

After a few months of recalibrating her daily experiment, she transformed From One Caregiver to Another into a weekly show that allows her to share her wisdom, experience, and passion with an audience who desperately needs her message.

Kay records everything on her end and uploads the files to a shared folder. From there, I edit the episode, along with 1-minute snippets that she then uses to promote her podcast. We get together monthly to talk about the show’s trajectory and how she can incorporate new ideas into the future of her work.

I’ve also partnered with Kay to produce graphics and identities for her show and community. It truly is a storytelling partnership that allows both of us to bring our strengths to the table and make something impactful to people with caregiving responsibilities.