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Podcasts are a fantastic way to use the power of audio storytelling to share your expertise, unveil your unique stories, and connect with people all over the world.

Chris Martin Studios produces one original podcast—Getting Work To Work—and assists in the production, editing, and publishing of several others.

Dreaming of having your own podcast? It's possible!

Starting any project from scratch can be daunting. That’s why you need the Podcast Starter Pack.

This package contains:

  • Develop Your Podcast: A comprehensive workbook to develop every aspect of your show and prepare you for the future.
  • Technical guidance: Know which gear you’ll need, set up the different systems podcasters use, and set up your space for recording.
  • Production coaching: A welcoming presence in recording sessions to help you feel confident and own your voice.
  • Podcast editing: No need to do it all yourself; the first ten episodes of your show are part of this package.

Already have your own show and need a change?

Whether you are looking to offload editing of your show to someone new or need a producer to help you reach your goals, consider partnering with Chris Martin Studios.