Miniseries on Clients

April was a great month for the Getting Work To Work podcast. Not only did download numbers go up from the previous month (April: 734 total downloads, 591 unique downloads; March: 448 total downloads, 375 unique downloads), more people shared the podcast with their friends and other creative professionals on social networks. Thank you!

Throughout April, every episode was devoted to talking about clients. Additionally, I built upon each week’s topic by interviewing a creative professional. I fell into a great groove of my 10 minute episode released on Wednesdays and a 30 minute interview released on Fridays.

April’s Episodes on Clients:

Moving Forward!

In May, while I’m not going to do a theme for the whole month, I’ll be doing the same release schedule mentioned above. I love the two formats and grow from the production of both types of episodes. Knowing that I’m going to do weekly interviews, I need to continually reach out to new people, which is a great habit for me to establish. Want to be a guest on Getting Work To Work? Drop me a line and let me know!

Finally, I have a new shortcut url for Getting Work To Work. You can either go to or All show notes can be accessed through both of those urls and the episode number. Example: and would both link to the interview with Jennifer Ruwart.

Thank you for listening to Getting Work To Work. I love producing this podcast and have grown tremendously since I started it last June. I hope you continue to enjoy the the love poured into by myself and other amazing creative professionals.