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Chris Martin Studios is a fun-loving and thought-provoking storytelling partner for independent creators, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Every project produced together is a deeper dive into your story, told with your language, values, images, and words.

Getting Work To Work

A weekly podcast, documentary series, and newsletter that explores the creative and curious world of work.

Chris Martin’s Blog

I explore art, business, creativity, spirituality, and everything in-between. You’ll also find reading lists, resources, and future books on the pages within.

Legacy Projects

Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin

The show featured in-depth conversations with filmmakers, producers, animators, and movie lovers about the 21st-century world of independent film. Each episode will live on here, but no future episodes are currently planned.

Innovators of Vancouver

An online documentary video series that told the stories of creative leaders of vision, passion and action in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas.