When I’m working on creative projects, my ideas are rooted in various forms of language. I usually begin with words, sketched or written feverishly in my notepad. I’m looking for anything to get started: words, themes, connecting thoughts.

Eventually I find a form the project will take and it has a built-in structure that I follow. A podcast has a different structure than a blog post or a short film. The structure guides the types of language I will use from visuals, sounds, stories, or words.

As I build out the structure, I start with my sketches and form an outline, filling in words and thoughts as I go along. If it’s a film, I start connecting visual language with the written word. I may see things in my mind’s eye or I wander out into the world with my camera to find places and people that inform and inspire me.

While this seems like a linear process with a definitive start and end, my process is more nonlinear and disconnected. There are a lot of missteps, do-overs, and scribbles. It’s a search through the database of my mind, looking for the language that will form the foundation of my communication.

What do I know?

What will I learn?

These are the questions that fuel not only my creativity, but my curiosity. They set me on the path of creation and inform everything that follows the initial creative impulse.