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Reinventing Yourself (GWTW126)

Hot on the heels of last week’s episode—QUESTIONS & CHANGES—I’ve been thinking a lot about how to go about reinventing myself. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share a few ideas gleaned from conversations with friends, wisdom from books, and random early morning thoughts.

I love this quote from The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan Haidt: “Happiness requires changing yourself and changing your world. It requires pursuing your own goals and fitting in with others.”

Seven Ways to Start the Reinvention Process

  1. Cast a wide net.
  2. Make a list.
  3. Connect with other people.
  4. Read a lot of books.
  5. Don’t forsake the past, look for seeds of future growth.
  6. Keep on making and sharing your work.
  7. Be patient and kind.

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