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Feast and Famine (GWTW13)

Most freelancers read the same information when researching how to run a business: plan for slow months by saving when the projects are plentiful, seemingly never-ending. While you may think of feasts and famines as a financial concept, I talk about how your creativity follows the same peaks and valleys, often in the inverse direction to your finances. I also share five ways you can keep your focus on your goals during times of feast and famine.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Focus on Your Goals in Times of Feast and Famine

  1. Spend time on your business.
  2. Set goals and check in on a consistent basis.
  3. Get in the habit of saving and learning about money.
  4. Separate your identity from your creative and financial worth.
  5. Don’t make drastic decisions during feasts or famines.

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