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Always Look Up (GWTW71)

No matter where I go, I’m always looking up, down, and around. I want to see the scenery, the details, and not miss anything. On a recent trip, I was sitting in the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and looked up and saw the most beautiful ceiling. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I talk about different ways we can look up and share six ways you can remember to keep looking up.

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Six Ways You Can Remember To Always Look Up

  1. When you enter a new space (or returning to a space you been in before), take in the details all around you. Look for something new.
  2. Find something in your work or pursuits that will inspire you to try new things.
  3. Search within for awe-inspiring details that are hiding in plain sight.
  4. Take a moment to slow down or stop.
  5. Always look up is a call to change your daily posture from looking down at our phones to looking up at everything else.
  6. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will make your life richer.

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