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Agility of Production (GWTW222)

In episode 220—Consume or Create?—I talked about the agility of production as a critical component of creating new work and I wanted to go a little deeper into the topic: How can I overcome the things that hold me back so that I can get into a cycle of creation? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to talk about the following themes that prevent me from being an agile producer: ideas and inspiration, comparison, inertia, friction, perfectionism, finances, and lack of growth.

What does it mean to be an agile producer?

The seven themes that prevent me from being an agile producer:

  1. Ideas and Inspiration.
  2. Comparison.
  3. Inertia.
  4. Friction.
  5. Perfectionism.
  6. Finances.
  7. Lack of Growth.

How will you work through these seven areas? Which are the most pervasive in your work today?

Do you struggle with ideas and inspiration?

Are you compulsively comparing yourself and your work to others?

Are you lazy, unsure, or burnt out?

Is there something causing friction and slowing the process down?

Do you demand perfection of your work, yourself, and others?

Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Have you stopped growing?

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