Are you an aspiring creative entrepreneur, storyteller, visionary, or change-maker, but not sure where to start?

Do you find yourself stuck in the content creation grind, but not seeing the impact you know you can have?

With Chris as your guide, you will discover Your Storyteller Core that fuels every story you tell moving forward:

  • Your values and what they really mean to you
  • How you use your voice
  • Your vision of the future you are creating
  • What value you are creating for your business, your customers, and the world

In every session with Chris, you’ll get:

  • Clarity in your message and your identity as a creative entrepreneur, storyteller, visionary, or change-maker.
  • Empowerment to use your voice and act in alignment with Your Storyteller Core.
  • Creative guidance, feedback, reflective questions, and time with someone who cares.
  • Insight into how you will impact your audience.


“Chris Martin is an incredible gem! I met him at an event for professional coaches, and connecting with Chris is what made the experience worth my time. After a short lunch, I was ready to sign a coaching contract. His love for self, other and passion for creative pursuits of all types is palpable.

During my time being coached by Chris, I was able to stay out of shame while he assisted me with recognizing key strengths that I could rely upon while facing the keyboard. I appreciate Chris’ refined coaching and educational skills. Instead of beating me over the head with motivational talk, Chris asked all the right questions from a variety of angles that helped me to zero in on my creative blocks, recognize absurdity and move forward with confidence.

I am happy to say that as a result of working with Chris, I have completed a long-overdue writing project AND pressed publish. It was fully baked, and I am feeling quite proud about it.

Pro Tip: Hire Chris. He easily stands out among any crowd and will help you to do the same.”

– Karla Brown, Soul Centric Counseling