Growth is Found in Curiosity

If you’ve been a creative professional for any amount of time, chances are you have battled¬†with your skills reaching an inevitable plateau and asked yourself: How do I grow when I need to do all this work?

Depending on your creative discipline, there are quick and dirty ways to learn something new. If you are a developer, try incorporating a new framework or programming language into your next project. If you are a designer, learn that hot new design program or dive into the history of design and incorporate something from the past. Photographers have many options to them ranging from technical to creative ideas.

Regardless of what you do, the secret to growth is found in how you utilize your curiosity. What are you curious about today? How can that curiosity feed into what you do and your future goals?

When curiosity is absent from our work, we rely on where we have been instead of living in the possibility of what could be. Without curiosity, our work can start to feel similar, derivative, or uninspired. Without curiosity, burnout can sneak in and steal our joy.

How will you use your curiosity to grow in your profession and your life?