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Greetings Curiosity Builders!

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs and leaders looking to grow, not only by learning new things, but by connecting their work to big ideas and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Each week, you’ll get three brand new episodes: an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Monday and two monologues on Wednesday and Friday.

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Interviews (125)
Monologues (220)

05-06-2019 / GWTW272
“Changing Habits for Good” with Maneesh Sethi
05-03-2019 / GWTW271
Sequential Non-linearity
05-01-2019 / GWTW270
Experience & Deep Reflection
04-29-2019 / GWTW269
“The Storytelling Experience” with Mark Pomerville
04-26-2019 / GWTW268
Doing Different
04-24-2019 / GWTW267
Boredom of the Screens
04-22-2019 / GWTW266
“The Full Spectrum of Humanity” with Karim Hassanein
04-19-2019 / GWTW265
Your Own Map
04-17-2019 / GWTW264
New Ways to Network
04-15-2019 / GWTW263
“Tastemaking for the Future” with Danielle Evans
04-12-2019 / GWTW262
Simple Isn’t Easy
04-10-2019 / GWTW261
Create to Think and Five Other Good Reasons
04-08-2019 / GWTW260
“Purposeful Permission for Passionate Play” with Lizzie Larock
04-05-2019 / GWTW259
Creative Commitment
04-03-2019 / GWTW258
Feelings of Perfection
04-01-2019 / GWTW257
“Portland In Color” with Emilly Prado & Celeste Noche
03-29-2019 / GWTW256
Chasing Big Ideas
03-27-2019 / GWTW255
“Real Talk on Education” with Aaron Hockley