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Greetings Curiosity Builders!

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries, and change-makers who are on a mission of chasing big ideas, telling epic stories, and leaving living legacies. Each week, you’ll get two brand new episodes: an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Wednesday and a topical monologue on Friday.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this creative and curious life for some time, I hope you’ll not only learn something new in this podcast, but also find yourself challenged and inspired to break through the barriers that hold you back from getting your work to work.

Would you like to be a guest on a future episode of Getting Work To Work? Drop me a line at and I’ll get you scheduled.

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Interviews (169)
Monologues (271)

01-25-2019 / GWTW229
The Life You’re Working For
01-23-2019 / GWTW228
Making Crazy Ideas Happen
01-21-2019 / GWTW227
“Personalization and Delight” with Jason Resnick
01-18-2019 / GWTW226
What Are You Known For?
01-16-2019 / GWTW225
Fear of Asking
01-14-2019 / GWTW224
“How to Connect with People” with Matt Du Pont
01-11-2019 / GWTW223
Curiosity for Stories
01-09-2019 / GWTW222
Agility of Production
01-07-2019 / GWTW221
“Be More Pirate” with Sam Conniff Allende
01-04-2019 / GWTW220
Consume or Create?
01-02-2019 / GWTW219
Curiosity Builders
12-31-2018 / GWTW218
“Taxes, Finances, and Value” with Peter Lang
12-28-2018 / GWTW217
Build Your Mental Database
12-26-2018 / GWTW216
Stuck In My Mind
12-24-2018 / GWTW215
“Sales Talk” with Liston Witherill
12-21-2018 / GWTW214
What If They Don’t Like Me?
12-19-2018 / GWTW213
Stop Seeking Perfection
12-17-2018 / GWTW212
Fun Times with Gough