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Greetings Curiosity Builders!

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs and leaders looking to grow, not only by learning new things, but by connecting their work to big ideas and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Each week, you’ll get three brand new episodes: an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Monday and two monologues on Wednesday and Friday.

Would you like to be a guest on a future episode of Getting Work To Work? Drop me a line at and I’ll get you scheduled.

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Interviews (125)
Monologues (220)

07-04-2018 / GWTW164
What Are You Waiting For?
06-29-2018 / GWTW163
“Making a Lot with Very Little” with Meredith Koch
06-27-2018 / GWTW162
Beyond Burnout
06-22-2018 / GWTW161
“Pushing the World Forward” with Jason Lengstorf
06-20-2018 / GWTW160
How to Approach Specialization
06-15-2018 / GWTW159
“Changing the Future of Tech” with Ryan Carson
06-08-2018 / GWTW158
“How to Constantly Learn and Grow” with Gant Laborde
06-01-2018 / GWTW157
“The Future of Work” with Stephen Warley
05-25-2018 / GWTW156
“Freedom To Be And Do” with Yvonne Perez Emerson
05-18-2018 / GWTW155
“Catching Up” with gough
05-11-2018 / GWTW154
“The Creative Journey” with Carma Baughman
05-04-2018 / GWTW153
“Adventure is Calling” with Lucy Bellwood
04-04-2018 / GWTW152
Interview with Jordan Metcalf
03-30-2018 / GWTW151
Interview with Dina Rodriguez
03-28-2018 / GWTW150
Interview with Rebecca Gates
03-23-2018 / GWTW149
Interview with Ashley Hoffman
03-21-2018 / GWTW148
Interview with Kate Bingaman-Burt
03-16-2018 / GWTW147
Interview with Carmen Hill