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Greetings Curiosity Builders!

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs and leaders looking to grow, not only by learning new things, but by connecting their work to big ideas and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Each week, you’ll get three brand new episodes: an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Monday and two monologues on Wednesday and Friday.

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Interviews (125)
Monologues (220)

09-05-2018 / GWTW182
Connecting the Dots
08-31-2018 / GWTW181
Experiments with Truth
08-29-2018 / GWTW180
Simple is Relative
08-24-2018 / GWTW179
“Tests, Experiments & Taste” with Lauren Guiteras
08-22-2018 / GWTW178
Foundations of You
08-17-2018 / GWTW177
“The Journey of Fear & Truth” with Cole Brown
08-15-2018 / GWTW176
The Blank Page
08-10-2018 / GWTW175
“Show Up Every Single Day” with Adam Croft
08-08-2018 / GWTW174
Does It Give You Goosebumps?
08-03-2018 / GWTW173
“Squawk & Roll” with Jack Kent
08-01-2018 / GWTW172
Everything is Relevant
07-27-2018 / GWTW171
“The Hard Break” with Aaron Edelheit
07-25-2018 / GWTW170
Why Do I Need This?
07-20-2018 / GWTW169
“Limitations, Forgiveness & Value” with Christopher Butler
07-18-2018 / GWTW168
Vulnerable Authenticity
07-13-2018 / GWTW167
“Building Community By Sharing” with Chris DeMars
07-11-2018 / GWTW166
Your Time & Attention
07-06-2018 / GWTW165
“Give A Damn” with Nick Laparra