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Greetings Curiosity Builders!

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs and leaders looking to grow, not only by learning new things, but by connecting their work to big ideas and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Each week, you’ll get three brand new episodes: an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Monday and two monologues on Wednesday and Friday.

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Interviews (125)
Monologues (220)

10-21-2019 / GWTW344
“Swing for the Fences” with Orange Nebula
10-18-2019 / GWTW343
Un-Psych Yourself In
10-16-2019 / GWTW342
Perception & Reality
10-14-2019 / GWTW341
“The Vision of Hope & Chocolate” with Shawn Askinosie
10-11-2019 / GWTW340
Reflections On My Social Media Detox
10-09-2019 / GWTW339
Alive in Imagination & Wonder
10-07-2019 / GWTW338
“Keep Moving Forward” with Michael e. Stern
10-04-2019 / GWTW337
Don’t Feel Behind
10-02-2019 / GWTW336
Bring Out Your Duds!
09-30-2019 / GWTW335
“The Source of Understanding” with Dr. Tara Swart
09-27-2019 / GWTW334
Outsiders of Curiosity
09-25-2019 / GWTW333
Being a Scientist of Yourself
09-23-2019 / GWTW332
“Start Finishing” with Charlie Gilkey
09-20-2019 / GWTW331
Hit Pause & Reflect!
09-18-2019 / GWTW330
Active Questions for Change
09-16-2019 / GWTW329
“Communication & Connection” with Lauren McGaha
09-13-2019 / GWTW328
Three Types of Creative Projects
09-11-2019 / GWTW327
Activate Your Weirdness