If you haven’t heard of Devsigner, it is a 2-day conference in Portland focused on bringing designers and developers together to learn from one another. It is about celebrating the “cross-overs” and the “multi-disciplinarians.” This year it is on August 6th and 7th at University Place Conference Center in Portland.

I have had the opportunity to speak at the conference the past two years—how teaching revived my career and what designers need to know from developers—and it is one of my favorite yearly conferences. It’s fun to participate, share what I am learning, while simultaneously learning from others. I can’t say enough about Devsigner.

This year, I am proud to be a Community Sponsor of Devsigner. I get a little bit of visibility within the community, but I mainly did it to support Devsigner. I would highly encourage you to go to devsignercon.com and buy tickets. They will be announcing sessions soon, but know that there will be something for everyone.

Are you located in Portland or Vancouver, WA and want to go to Devsigner for free? I have two promo codes for tickets! Share about Devsigner (#DVSGNR2016) on your social networks (be sure to tag me: @cmstudios on Twitter and Instagram or @ChrisMartinStudios on Facebook) and contact me with the reason why you want to go to Devsigner. In return, I’ll send you a promo code!