Over the past month, Getting Work To Work has been promoting Design Week Portland, “a week-long, all-inclusive festival celebrating the projects and processes as told by a creative community across many disciplines.”

As you prepare for the events next week on April 6-13, here are the interviews in one place for you to easily refer back to these amazing creatives and their Design Week Portland events. They are not only producing great work in their respective industries, but also giving back and building a community of equality.

“Hope, Joy, and Community” with Precious Bugarin (GWTW248)

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Show Notes for GWTW248

“For The Women” with Christina Melander, Amanda Grisham, and Natalie Park (GWTW251)

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Show Notes for GWTW251

“Creativity and Craft” with Britta Cabanos (GWTW254)

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Show Notes for GWTW254

“Portland In Color” with Emilly Prado & Celeste Noche (GWTW257)

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Show Notes for GWTW257

In addition to these interviews, I also produced a series of short videos that tell the story of people working in emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Learn more about Design Week Portland at DesignPortland.org.