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Why spend all your energy producing work that doesn’t align with your values? What better way to be your unique self than saying no to conformity? Why not do your best work while laughing in the face of mediocrity? Curiosity Builders helps creative entrepreneurs build businesses and launch projects that fuel their lives through online courses and email series.

Available Email Series

Available Audio Courses

Upcoming Release Schedule

My goal for 2020 is to release four courses focusing on different aspects of the creative process:

Q2 2020

Asking Better Questions!

Q3 2020

The Podcasting 101 Workshop!

Q4 2020

The Curiosity Toolkit: How to Be More Curious!

Listen to the Story!

Why Curiosity Builders? I share the story and my vision for helping other creative entrepreneurs on my podcast, Getting Work To Work: Curiosity Builders (GWTW219).