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Creativity Coaching

Whether you have a single spark of curiosity or a roaring bonfire of creativity, coaching can help unleash your creative fire.

Coaching is an intentional, thought-provoking, creative, and action-oriented partnership built upon mutual respect, curiosity, and unlimited possibilities. It inspires people to explore the unknown, experiment to learn, discover new creative expressions, make meaning, and maximize all areas of life.

How creativity coaching can help you:

  • Explore your unique core—values, voice, vision, and value—that weaves through everything you do.
  • Get unstuck by identifying barriers and blocks as well as a plan for busting through them.
  • Reveal where you are holding back, playing it safe, and not letting your brilliance shine.
  • Level up your creative work through experimentation, reflection, and continuous improvement.
  • Find clarity in your message and creative identity.
  • Use your voice with confidence and power.

What to expect in a coaching session with Chris:

  • A judgment-free space filled with curiosity and wonder.
  • A healthy dose of questions and active listening.
  • Creative guidance, feedback, and insight into your desired impact.
  • Focused time with someone who cares.

The Creativity Coaching Process:

Step 1: Curiosity Chat

A free 30-minute conversation to get to know one another. I will want to know more about you, your dreams, and how I can help you unleash your creative fire. This is your chance to get to know me as well.

If we both feel a strong connection at the end of the Curiosity Chat, I will invite you to a free 90-minute Deep Dive Conversation.

Step 2: Deep Dive Conversation

The best way to explain coaching is to experience it. In this free 90-minute Deep Dive Conversation, we will explore in detail the raw materials you have to work with, your dreams for your future, and what you want to accomplish working together.

Step 3: Proposal

Maybe the Deep Dive Conversation was all you need to move forward, awesome! If not, the Coaching Proposal will define our working relationship, the duration of time, proposed schedule, initial objectives, and the cost.

Step 4: Agreement

Once the Coaching Proposal is accepted a formal agreement will be sent along with a welcome packet and intake form.


“Chris Martin is an incredible gem! I met him at an event for professional coaches, and connecting with Chris is what made the experience worth my time. After a short lunch, I was ready to sign a coaching contract. His love for self, other and passion for creative pursuits of all types is palpable.

During my time being coached by Chris, I was able to stay out of shame while he assisted me with recognizing key strengths that I could rely upon while facing the keyboard. I appreciate Chris’ refined coaching and educational skills. Instead of beating me over the head with motivational talk, Chris asked all the right questions from a variety of angles that helped me to zero in on my creative blocks, recognize absurdity and move forward with confidence.

I am happy to say that as a result of working with Chris, I have completed a long-overdue writing project AND pressed publish. It was fully baked, and I am feeling quite proud about it. Pro Tip: Hire Chris. He easily stands out among any crowd and will help you to do the same.”

Karla Brown, Soul Centric Counseling

“Chris was enormously helpful in our sessions. He really listened to what I had to say and was curious in his questions, empathetic in his discourse, and always mindful of finding a productive way forward. I came away from each session refreshed, excited, and motivating to continue improving—and I credit Chris for creating a forum where that kind of thinking and action can flourish.”

Matt Wastradowski

“Chris uses his skills as a teacher and a coach to guide the process of discovering the underlying values that are driving the projects and assists in converting that passion into direction and meaningful action plans with results that far exceed the initial vision for the projects.

There’s a quality of attention that Chris brings to working with creative personalities that’s beyond active listening – it’s clear that he’s seeing you and is authentically invested in working with you to find the optimal result. This kind of collaborative coaching was an entirely new experience for me.

If you’re looking to establish a creative collaboration with a coach who leads with compassion and authenticity, I’d highly recommend working with Chris. He’s held me accountable and supported me in delivering to the world the work I’ve wanted to complete for years. And he’s super fun to work with.”

Elizabeth Holmes, Radiant Badass