The primary business solution that Chris Martin Studios offers is a documentary-style promotional video that unveils your unique story. What this means is that through a two-fold show and tell process—interviews and images—the story of your work, your business, or your organization is told.

Every project is built upon interviews. These are the people who have been impacted the most by you, who are building and shaping the story that is told in the public. Once those interviews are captured, images bring to life the story that is told.

While it’s true that interviews and images are the foundation of every great project, it’s not that simple. How do you know which questions to ask? How do you know which images to film? Chris Martin Studios uses the following criteria to create a great promotional video.

Define Success

On a recent project, I asked the client: When you tell the story of your organization for the purpose of getting donations, when do people understand and in turn write a check? The answer was simple, “We win when we show the faces of the people who benefit from our services.” This would become the main criteria for planning and decision-making throughout the entire project: Am I showing the faces?

Who Will Tell Your Story? Why?

Apart from defining what success looks like, it is important to evaluate who will tell your story. Why this particular person? In what way will they speak to the definition of success defined? How have they been impacted by your unique story? By understanding the person’s story, questions can be written that will draw out their piece of the story.

Be Curious

Finally, curiosity is important to exercise throughout the project. As the interview unfolds, ask a question that may not be directly related to the definition of success, but could possibly reveal some greater truth. Stay longer than anticipated when filming images. Be curious about what people are doing and how that action (or inaction) could tell your story.

While a great promotional video encompasses all of the things mentioned about, one important consideration is the longevity of the content produced. How long can you show the video before it is dated? The more you can focus on what makes your story timeless, the more opportunity you have to share, market, and unveil your unique story.