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Getting Work To Work
Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin


Using the power of audio storytelling, podcasts are a fantastic way to share your expertise, unveil your unique stories, and connect with people all around the world.

Chris Martin Studios produces two original podcasts—Getting Work To Work and Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin—as well as assists in the production, editing, and publishing of many others.

Whether you are looking to start your own podcast, grow your existing show, or need editing expertise, Chris Martin Studios is here for you.


Using the power of visual storytelling, the fundamentals of narrative and documentary filmmaking, and a passion for the craft, I’m unleashing my creative fire by telling meaningful stories.

Kyle Shold: From Ninja To Shinobi
Innovators of Vancouver
Design Week Portland 2019 Promos
The Locals Files: Angela Cosby
The Locals Files: Christina
The Locals Files: Jeff Daly


Episodic series are an excellent way to tell the saga of your community, organization, or cause. From Innovators of Vancouver and The Locals Files to Design Week Portland 2019 Profiles, here are three episodic series produced by Chris Martin Studios.