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The Art of Direction


I have a sense of procrastination this morning.  My brain is bursting with new ideas on how to blaze new trails for my business as well as my creative pursuits, but the weight of needing to complete projects that were once my primary focus holds me back.  The only picture that I can paint which […]

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The Art of Focus


One of the many books that I have been reading is John C. Maxwell’s, “How Successful People Think,” and the chapter that forced me to pause and take a moment to reflect upon my life and business was “Engage in Focused Thinking.”  To sum up the chapter in a sentence, Maxwell says that in order […]

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Creativity Is Getting Lost To Be Found


Growing up, I remember being fascinated with maps, globes, and road atlases. I would stare at the different countries, trace how far they were from Washington, dreaming of one day making the real-life journey to those distant lands. I read the atlas like others would a novel, fascinated with imaginary journeys and people, intrigued by […]

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Creativity Is Action


The people that I consider my heroes all have the same character traits: they not only dream big dreams, but they act upon those dreams and bring them to life. Heroes Of Action In 2008, I traveled to The Gambia, Africa to produce a documentary on the construction of a school building for an organization […]

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Creativity Is Experimentation


Want to know the secret to having more creativity and feeling fulfilled in your creative pursuits? Try something new. Put on a lab coat, spike your hair like the evil mad scientist you know you are deep down inside, and step into your creative laboratory. It’s time to experiment! Start In The Sandbox Before Going […]

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Creativity Is Fascination


It’s funny what runs through your mind when going through the daily morning routines. Standing beneath the stream of water in the shower, I started to think about creativity. What is creativity? How can I be more creative? What can I learn from the people on FastCompany‘s list of the 100 Most Creative People in […]

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About Chris

Chris Martin is a filmmaker, podcaster, educator, and coach in Vancouver, WA. He loves stories that are filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and can’t get enough of people who live their lives daring to build a better world.