This month I launched Getting Work To Work, a weekly podcast for creative professionals looking to overcome internal and external barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. Why did I decide to create a podcast? Aren’t there enough podcasts in the world? Great questions. Here is the story.

I’ve been a guest on other podcasts before.

Over the years, I have been interviewed by my friends on their podcasts. They were fun experiences, but I never really thought of producing a podcast as something I would do for myself. In April, I was a guest on John Reid’s podcast Bet On You because I was talking on Twitter about how I finally decided to focus on filmmaking and choose one thing. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the process of sharing life lessons I had been learning. I was starting to embrace and own my voice.

I listened to student feedback.

After a class lecture this past quarter, a student walked up to me and mentioned I should take the content of my lectures and share it so more people could be impacted. A few days later, I was chasing this idea of a podcast. This was the catalytic moment.

I asked for help.

When I first met Bruce Elgort, he was co-producing a podcast, which resulted in over 170 episodes. I knew he had the experience and the equipment. I told him about my idea and he fully supported my pursuit. He loaned me his equipment and has been a fervent supporter of my work. Thank you!

Another way I asked for help, was in the brainstorming of the name. I thought a good name would be Get To Work because I liked the call to action built into the title of the podcast. After sharing the idea with Brandie Kajino, she mentioned Getting Work To Work and it stuck. Plus, I could still work in the call to action from Get To Work. I designed a logo, bought the domain name, launched Adobe Audition, and got to work.

What do I want?

So, why did I decide to create a podcast? Because I am owning my voice. I have had a lot of good and bad experiences running a creative business for the past 10 years. I have a lot I want to share with others like me, who are either just starting out or are up against the wall wondering what to do next. I want to help people. I want to inspire people. I want to improve my speaking abilities. I want to have fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the catalyst for Getting Work To Work. I hope you take a few minutes and listen to an episode.