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How to never run out of episode ideas for your podcast

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A common question I get asked by people either thinking about starting a podcast or have been producing one for less than a year is, “How do you NOT run out of ideas?” It’s a great question with a ton of answers. But first, some context. I’ve released weekly episodes of Getting Work To Work […]

A “Quick” Guide to Producing Kick Ass Videos By Yourself!

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Table of Contents: 1. The secret to success Whether you are paying a production company to produce a short film or you are doing it yourself, the secret to success is simple: realistically define what success means for this project. If you’ve never produced a video before, success might be setting up your YouTube channel […]

Telling Your Brand Story with Video

Telling Your Brand Story with Video

I’ve been a brand storyteller for over fifteen years, and a common question people ask is, “How do I tell my brand story with video?” On the one hand, it’s a difficult question to answer because there are many variables—it truly does depend—and there is an endless supply of existing content out there. On the […]

How to Support Creative Professionals

July 18, 2023: I originally wrote this post way back in 2018 and through the many redesigns and restructurings of the website, it was placed in draft mode. In preparation for a podcast episode of Getting Work To Work, I revisited the article and saw that it was still relevant. Additionally, some links were broken, […]