Proud of Your Marketing?

What feeling do you get when you hand out your business card? Are you excited to hand over your business card or perhaps you feel a sense of dread? No emotion at all? I love experimenting with new ideas, unique shapes, textures, and colors, but I didn’t think much about the emotional transaction that occurs… Continue reading Proud of Your Marketing?

How to Support Creative Professionals

Last week I saw something on Twitter that enraged me: people were shaming people for using Patreon in the absence of a “real business model.” The reason I got a little testy was because a lot of creative professionals rely upon Patreon to fund their projects and businesses. One awesome example is Noclip, they make 100% crowdfunded… Continue reading How to Support Creative Professionals

How to Create a Great Promotional Video

The primary business solution that Chris Martin Studios offers is a documentary-style promotional video that unveils your unique story. What this means is that through a two-fold show and tell process—interviews and images—the story of your work, your business, or your organization is told. Every project is built upon interviews. These are the people who have been impacted… Continue reading How to Create a Great Promotional Video