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Welcome to my about page. It’s an exciting page that exists to tell you all about me, Chris Martin. But before we get into all that good stuff, a note of utmost importance: I’m not the lead singer of Coldplay. While I do get the occasional email from his fans hoping I’m him, I’m not him. More importantly, I won’t sing at your wedding, funeral, or graduation. I won’t send you a signed photo unless you want one of me. I won’t endorse your song.

Now that that’s out the way want to hear me sing? Just kidding… You don’t want that.

A Super Short, 3rd-Person Bio

Chris Martin is a content producer and creativity coach who helps people unleash their creative fire by transforming imaginative ideas into tangible reality. He creates engaging and meaningful creative products, asks profound questions, and is a source of hope and encouragement to everybody he meets.

A Longer, More Entertaining, 1st-Person Bio

My name’s Chris Martin, and I’m curious about various subjects, from storytelling through filmmaking and podcasting to coaching, writing, and teaching. I’m fascinated with the worlds of work, creativity, leadership, and independent film. I’m madly obsessed with alliteration and bands who can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes.

While I could give you a list of words that describe what I do—curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, designer, writer, coach, and educator—or use fancy words like multihyphenate, multipotentialite, or polymath, producer succinctly sums it up.

Being a producer means two things:

  1. I produce a wide range of creative products for an audience, either for myself or clients.
  2. Taking cues from record producers, I partner with other professionals to bring out their best and help them grow as they create their work.

Since 2002, I’ve been involved in filmmaking projects ranging from live video production and documentary videos to feature films and episodic web series. Chris Martin Studios was brought to life in 2006. In 2016, I entered the world of podcasts with my weekly show Getting Work To Work. In 2020, I added a second show focusing on the world of independent film called Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin. I’m currently working on my coaching certification through Coach U.

Outside of work, I love watching documentaries and animated films. I’m an avid reader and love listening to music. I enjoy cooking (and eating) tasty food. And in case you weren’t sure of it, I want to make people laugh. There is a time for serious discussions—trust me, I can have them—but silliness and laughter are essential to an enjoyable life.

My Storyteller Core!

Profoundness: In relationships and work, I dive into the depths always searching for meaning and impact.

Questioning: I express my curiosity through constant questioning and reflection.

Synthesize: My creativity is best expressed with the curation and combination of ideas and stories that span industries, genres, mediums, and countries.

Experimentation: Growth is best realized through active experimentation and iterative improvement.

Humor: Sure, I can be serious, but there is a place for humor, silliness, and weird obsessions. 

I’m often described by colleagues and clients as Yoda, but worry not, sound like Frank Oz, I do not.

I use my voice to share insights and wisdom from my experiences and research. I empower others to believe in themselves and take daily action to tell their stories. I ask questions in order to find clarity and meaning. I want people to learn and apply their knowledge, so I often speak with the voice of a teacher and a mentor.

I love stories and believe that everyone has a unique story to unveil to the world.

My vision is to tell stories that aren’t being told anywhere else, empower those who have been told they have nothing to share, build confidence and trust in others, and reveal a journey of quality, growth, and impact.

By modeling a creative life through generosity and care, I strive to show other people the possibilities available to them.

As a creative entrepreneur, the value of my work is directly tied to the success of my clients and their businesses. In doing the work of developing my craft, advancing my skills, and building relationships, I am constantly defining and refining how to bring value and impact to others.


Jamie Teasdale, CEO at Propel Businessworks

“Chris and I have known each other since around 2011 and during that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a number of levels. Chris is a knowledgable creative, and I’ve called on his graphic design, videography, and story telling skills throughout the years because I highly value his perspective and approach. I’ve also worked alongside Chris to help him develop products and marketing strategies and I thoroughly enjoy working with him. He is a thoughtful listener and treats others with respect, while listening and paying attention to the needs, goals, and directives they share, not to mention their input. He is an active learner, communicator, and is highly professional in everything he does.”

Mike Dean, Owner of Dean's Baked Goods

“Chris Martin Studios provided a fun, seamless, easygoing, professional, and efficient experience! Our project was completed very quickly from start to finish, but not at the expense of the quality. Dean’s Baked Goods has received so many compliments on the promo created and we can’t wait to work with you guys again!”

Lori Faren, The Healthy Happy Hour Show

“I met Chris in a course we were both taking. He mentioned he had a podcast. When I expressed interest in learning about how to set one up, he was kind enough to send me some resources and offer any help. When I was contacted by a network company to produce an audio reel for a Health And Fitness show idea I had (The Healthy Happy Hour), I reached out to Chris for help. In our first meeting, he collected my ideas and we brainstormed an intro, outro and content for my demo reel.

Chris had a lot of great insight as to how to structure the reel, along with ideas I hadn’t thought of before. Within a few hours of recording, Chris had my reel produced with music! I was blown away with the quality of my reel, and so was the network I sent it to. They are now in interested in my show! I’m excited to work with Chris on more ideas for upcoming episodes and creating the show I’ve always envisioned!”

Cole Brown

“Over the past ten years I have hired Chris a number of times. Sometimes I have hired him as a graphic designer, other times as a photographer, and still others as either a videographer or a web developer. I have returned to Chris again and again because, even with the diversity of services that I need, I can be certain the quality of service I receive will be the same. In addition to consistently meeting deadlines and providing a quality final product, Chris always takes the time to listen to his clients, understand their goal, and help them discover the best course of action to reach it. I highly recommend Chris not only for his creative talents which will benefit any project, but for his concern and care for the people to whom the project is most important.”