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Chris Martin Studios is a fun-loving and thought-provoking media production company for creators, coaches, and consultants. Every project produced together is a deeper dive into your story, told with your language, values, images, and words.

How Chris Martin Studios Works with You:

We make creative decisions together based upon three distinct areas of storytelling:

  1. Values: What matters most to you and your organization?
  2. Voice: How do you communicate what matters?
  3. Vision: What is the work that brings the future to life?

About Chris Martin

Chris Martin

My name’s Chris Martin, and I’m curious about various subjects, from storytelling through filmmaking and podcasting to coaching, writing, and teaching. I’m fascinated with the worlds of work, creativity, leadership, and independent film. I’m madly obsessed with alliteration and bands who can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes.

While I could give you a list of words that describe what I do—curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, designer, writer, coach, and educator—or use fancy words like multihyphenate, multipotentialite, or polymath, producer succinctly sums it up.

Being a producer means two things:

  1. I produce a wide range of creative products for an audience, either for myself or clients.
  2. Taking cues from record producers, I partner with other professionals to bring out their best and help them grow as they create their work.

Since 2002, I’ve been involved in filmmaking projects ranging from live video production and documentary videos to feature films and episodic web series. Chris Martin Studios was brought to life in 2006. In 2016, I entered the world of podcasts with my weekly show Getting Work To Work. In 2020, I added a second show focusing on the world of independent film called Beyond Your Imagination with Chris Martin.

Outside of work, I love watching documentaries and animated films. I’m an avid reader and love listening to music. I enjoy cooking (and eating) tasty food. And in case you weren’t sure of it, I want to make people laugh. There is a time for serious discussions—trust me, I can have them—but silliness and laughter are essential to an enjoyable life.

The values I bring to storytelling partnerships

  • Profoundness: In relationships and work, I dive into the depths always searching for meaning and impact.
  • Questioning: I express my curiosity through constant questioning and reflection.
  • Synthesize: My creativity is best expressed with the curation and combination of ideas and stories that span industries, genres, mediums, and countries.
  • Experimentation: Growth is best realized through active experimentation and iterative improvement.
  • Humor: Sure, I can be serious, but there is a place for humor, silliness, and weird obsessions.


“Chris and I have known each other since around 2011 and during that time I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a number of levels. Chris is a knowledgable creative, and I’ve called on his graphic design, videography, and story telling skills throughout the years because I highly value his perspective and approach. I’ve also worked alongside Chris to help him develop products and marketing strategies and I thoroughly enjoy working with him. He is a thoughtful listener and treats others with respect, while listening and paying attention to the needs, goals, and directives they share, not to mention their input. He is an active learner, communicator, and is highly professional in everything he does.” – Jamie Teasdale, CEO at Propel Businessworks

“Chris Martin Studios provided a fun, seamless, easygoing, professional, and efficient experience! Our project was completed very quickly from start to finish, but not at the expense of the quality. Dean’s Baked Goods has received so many compliments on the promo created and we can’t wait to work with you guys again!” – Mike Dean, Owner of Dean’s Baked Goods

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I’ve been featured on the following podcasts telling my story, sharing my curiosities, and having a great time!