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A Manifesto for the Creative and the Curious!

  1. We chase big ideas that will care for our families and communities today while providing future generations with a habitable planet and an equitable society. It’s about stewardship, relationship, and authenticity. It’s searching for real problems that demand creative solutions.
  2. We tell epic stories of people who dare to dream, have the courage to change, and have the imagination to impact an isolated and lonely world.
  3. We leave living legacies that not only positively impact who we are, the communities we serve, and the people we reach but also extend into the future long after we’re gone.
  4. We question ourselves, the powerful, and those ignored, listen deeply to what’s said, and respond to what we experience because nothing is more revolutionary than transformational curiosity.
  5. The most impactful work often happens in the in-between moments of conversation and life.
  6. We focus on sustainable growth, which is the result of care and compassion. Much like ecological systems, growing anything requires a knowledge of the seasons, healthy soil, deep roots, tending care, and timely pruning.
  7. We never stop learning because, to change and evolve, we must admit we have not arrived.
  8. We do all of these things to experiment and embrace iterative improvement. We grow through action.