Every once in awhile, I will look at my work and think: How can I make better stuff? I might look at my cinematography or listen to my audio mixes and immediately search for tutorials that could help me learn better techniques. Sometimes I casually search for something new to learn, much like I browse Netflix for something to watch.

As I was thinking about this and reflecting upon all of the work I have done the past few months, I realized an important lesson: No tutorial or technique will instantly lead me to make better stuff. I have learned more in the past couple of months about video production because I have been involved in the following three steps to making better stuff:

Step 1: Make something.

Step 2: Ask yourself and others how you can do better.

Step 3: Repeat the process.

Within the context of a project and real deadlines, you rely on what you know, stretch in the areas that need work, and ask for help when necessary. It is in this process that real growth occurs as you follow these three steps to making better stuff.