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From the origin and the on-going journey to the motivation and momentum, stories impact you in every single moment of your life. By amplifying your curiosities, ideas, and experiences, you can build a platform of meaningful change.

Chris Martin Studios is a fun-loving and thought-provoking media production company producing video promos, podcasts, and workshops that help creative entrepreneurs connect to themselves, their craft, and their audience.

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Chris Martin

About Chris!

Never satisfied with just one label, Chris is a curiosity builder, filmmaker, and podcaster, obsessed with creativity, curiosity, and bands who can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes. He loves stories that are filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and can’t get enough of real people living their authentic and unique stories.

“I love learning what makes people tick, observing the little details that reveal their uniqueness, and bringing their story to life.”