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Capturing your stories of imagination, innovation, and impact.

To be human is to connect to stories; they help us laugh, cry, belong, and believe. When you lead with your story, you go beyond simply standing out. You show others the way forward. Are you ready to capture your stories and bring them to life?

Chris Martin Studios works with creators, coaches, and consultants to transform your ideas, interests, stories, and experiences into serial content for podcasts, videos, newsletters, blogs, courses, and more.

Bring Your Story to Life!



Grab a mic, hit record, and start talking. Podcasting is a fun way to tell stories, share experiences, connect with subject matter experts, and reach new segments of your audience.



Excited to show people what you’re up to? Have a soundtrack to your story? By combining the power of visual storytelling with the emotional weight of sound and music, people not only see and hear your story, they feel it deep within.

GWTW Podcast

For the Creative & Curious!

Getting Work To Work explores the creative and curious world of work through a weekly podcast and newsletter. I hope you’ll not only learning something new, but also find meaningful ways to get your work to work for you.

About Chris Martin Studios

Chris Martin Studios is a fun-loving and thought-provoking media production company for creators, coaches, and consultants. Every project produced together is a deeper dive into your story, told with your language, values, images, and words.

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