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What Story Are You Telling?

Hey! I’m Chris Martin, the face behind Chris Martin Studios, a fun-loving, thought-provoking, people-serving media production company. Like The Blues Brothers, I’m on a mission from God: to chase big ideas and tell epic stories.

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About Getting Work To Work

Getting Work To Work is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and leaders who are looking to grow, not only by learning new things, but by connecting their work to big ideas and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do. New episodes are released three times a week including interviews on Mondays and topical monologues on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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03-22-2019 / GWTW253
Chaos & Order
03-20-2019 / GWTW252
Powerful Storytelling Questions
03-18-2019 / GWTW251
“For The Women”

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The Latest Blog Posts

Proud of Your Marketing?


What feeling do you get when you hand out your business card? Are you excited to hand over your business card or perhaps you feel a sense of dread? No emotion at all? I love experimenting with new ideas, unique shapes, textures, and colors, but I didn’t think much about the emotional transaction that occurs […]

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How to Support Creative Professionals


Last week I saw something on Twitter that enraged me: people were shaming people for using Patreon in the absence of a “real business model.” The reason I got a little testy was because a lot of creative professionals rely upon Patreon to fund their projects and businesses. One awesome example is Noclip, they make 100% crowdfunded […]

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Do I Lack Vision?


For the past few years, I have had a nagging question deep down inside: Do I lack vision? The question grows in scope and scale as I look at my work and analyze the way I think, approach problems, and make decisions. Do I lack a vision for originality? For uniquely showing up in my […]

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About Chris

Never satisfied with just one label, Chris is a curiosity builder, filmmaker, podcaster, and educator obsessed with creativity, curiosity, and bands who can remember how to play songs over 25 minutes. He loves stories that are filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and can’t get enough of real people living their authentic and unique stories.

“I love learning what makes people tick, observing the little details that reveal their uniqueness, and bringing their story to life.”