Unveil Your Unique Story

Chris Martin Studios guides creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries, and change-makers to find and tell meaningful stories that impact today and change tomorrow.

Guide the Storyteller

With Chris as your guide, you will discover how Your Storyteller Core—values, voice, vision, and value—shapes the stories you tell, how you tell them, the meaning you make, and the impact you have on your audience.

Find the Story

By designing a storytelling system that transforms ideas into impact, Chris will help you find meaningful stories through sparks of inspiration, structure them for creative mediums, and build storytelling habits that foster growth.

Tell the Tale

Whether you are looking for a creative partner to tell your tale from concept to completion or need a supporting role for an upcoming project, Chris will bring your meaningful story to life through original podcasts, films, and series.

Looking for a new book to read in 2021? Here is what I read in 2020. I surpassed my goal of 120 and reached 121 books. From fiction and epics to memoirs and business books, you’ll find something entertaining, inspirational, or educational.

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