Chris Martin Studios is a video production company that unveils your unique story through documentary-style promotional videos that reach your audience, achieve your goals, and impact the world.


Video Production

Video is a powerful choice for combining your message with cinematography, editing, music, graphics, and sound.

Your successful video brings out your best and reaches your audience while meeting your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a documentary-style promotional video for your website or a short testimonial video for your Facebook business page, contact Chris today.

Video Editing

Telling an engaging story is what video editing is all about. The editing process begins with the assembly of your footage into a rough edit and continues as you make editing decisions, establish pacing, color correct your footage, and edit and mix your sound.

The result is a finished product ready to be delivered to video websites and social networks. Contact Chris today to begin the transformation of your raw footage.

Motion Design

The best videos not only have great production value, but also beautiful and effective motion design that brings your brand to life.

Whether your logo needs to be animated for an opening title, you want your slates to sing, or you want closing credits that reinforce your call to action, contact Chris today to find out how motion design can be essential component of your unique story.

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Process & Progress

Every project Chris Martin Studios creates follows a four-stage plan to ensure progress and collaboration:

The Plan Transforms your goals and objectives into an actionable plan for unveiling your unique story.
The Action Brings your plan to life through the production of all media and associated materials.
The Edit Polishes your story by making sure everything is working together to meet your needs.
The Launch Prepares your story's assets to be shared on social networks and your own channels.