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Filling Your Journal (GWTW10)

I’m a huge fan of notebooks and sketchbooks, both expensive and cheap. I love the feeling of writing my thoughts down on paper. At any given point in time, I have at least 4-5 notebooks I write in. These are my journals. The map of my life. A friend recently asked me, “What do you put in your journal?”  In this episode, I share what I put into my journals, the fear of journals, and five ways you can begin filling your journal.

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Five Ways You Can Begin Filling Your Journal

  1. Morning Pages, a concept by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way.
  2. Create a clip file of images, text, and other things that inspire you.
  3. Write down meaningful quotes from books you’re reading.
  4. Working on a project? Make a look book. It’s a lot like the clip file, but specific to your project.
  5. Sketch, doodle, draw. Break the lines. Don’t use lines. It’s play time.

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