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Greetings Internet! Getting Work To Work is an artist’s podcast for creative professionals looking to break down the barriers that prevent them from doing the work they were born to do.

If you’re anything like me you’ve struggled with comparing yourself to other artists, have had a lack of confidence, and even have gone as far as sabotaging your own success. But when we learn to cast those problems aside, we can get our work to work. And that is what this artist podcast is all about.

Listen, subscribe, tell your friends. Then get out there and get to work.

What are you waiting for?

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Interview with John Oates (GWTW70)

Fear Is Not Reality (GWTW69)

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You Are A Leader (GWTW55)

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Going Deeper (GWTW41)

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Remember Why (GWTW39)

Pep Talk! You Got This! (GWTWPT1)

Mentor, Be Mentored (GWTW38)

Creativity, Curiosity & Culture (GWTW37)

The Creative Struggle (GWTW36)

Creative Endurance (GWTW35)

Solitude of Creativity (GWTW34)

How’d You Do It? (GWTW33)

A New Year, A New Theme (GWTW32)

Something New, Something Scary (GWTW31)

Expand Your Mind (GWTW30)

The Virtue of Process (GWTW29)

Longing to Belong (GWTW28)

The Creativity of Gratitude (GWTW27)

The Joys of Tangents (GWTW26)

Think About The Future (GWTW25)

On Networking (GWTW24)

Curating Your Obsessions (GWTW23)

Melancholy of Change (GWTW22)

Excuses: I’m Not Good Enough! (GWTW21)

Excuses: I’m Too Old! (GWTW20)

Coming Up With Ideas (GWTW19)

Results May Vary (GWTW18)

Create Your Own Resources (GWTW17)

Dream Big, Act Bigger (GWTW16)

Jealousy, Envy & Complacency (GWTW15)

What is the Value of Your Work? (GWTW14)

Feast and Famine (GWTW13)

Interview with Ben Koppin (GWTW12)

Fighting Perfectionism (GWTW11)

Filling Your Journal (GWTW10)

What Were You Born To Do? (GWTW09)

Use What You Have (GWTW08)

You Want Me To Fail? (GWTW07)

Sometimes You Go Back To Bed (GWTW06)

Generalists vs. Specialists (GWTW05)

What Is Professional? (GWTW04)

Finding Your Audience (GWTW03)

This Is Supposed To Be Fun…Right? (GWTW02)

Screw It…Do It! (GWTW01)