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The Curiosity Collection, Volume 1


Whether I’m sharing what I’m curious about, reveling in what intrigues other people, or being shaped by inspirational ideas, a recurring theme in every episode of Getting Work To Work is curiosity. Here are twenty episodes of the show (ten interviews and ten monologues) that stoke my curiosity and hopefully will inspire you in new ways. […]

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Celebrating 4 Years of Getting Work To Work!


This week marks the 4th anniversary of my podcast, Getting Work To Work. With over 414 episodes, including 150 interviews and 264 monologues, I’ve met people I would never have met without this show. I’ve also heard amazing stories, found inspiration to adapt and evolve my business, and discovered my voice along the way. Early in […]

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2020 Reading List


As 2019 ended, I realized I didn’t have an accessible list of everything I read throughout the year. I wanted to make sure that at the end of 2020, I knew exactly what I read throughout the year. I hope you find some reading inspiration from my literary journey. Notes: All links below are affiliate-free. […]

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Finding Inspiration at Bend Design 2019


I had a great time in Bend, Oregon last week attending and participating in the Bend Design conference. Thursday, October 24th was the main stage and featured a variety of speakers from artists and designers to social reformers. Friday, October 25th was a day full of workshops helping people step out of their comfort zones, […]

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Design Week Portland 2019 Podcast Interviews


Over the past month, Getting Work To Work has been promoting Design Week Portland, “a week-long, all-inclusive festival celebrating the projects and processes as told by a creative community across many disciplines.” As you prepare for the events next week on April 6-13, here are the interviews in one place for you to easily refer back to […]

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Proud of Your Marketing?


What feeling do you get when you hand out your business card? Are you excited to hand over your business card or perhaps you feel a sense of dread? No emotion at all? I love experimenting with new ideas, unique shapes, textures, and colors, but I didn’t think much about the emotional transaction that occurs […]

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About Chris

Chris Martin is a filmmaker, podcaster, educator, and coach in Vancouver, WA. He loves stories that are filled to the brim with heart, edge, and fearlessness and can’t get enough of people who live their lives daring to build a better world.