About Chris Martin Studios

Chris Martin Studios is a media production company based in Vancouver, WA telling stories with heart, edge, and fearlessness through video, podcasts, and design for those who dare to build a better world.

The 5 Cs of Chris Martin Studios

Creativity: The foundation of every project is about discovering the path from the unknown to the finished product. Creativity is centered on the belief that a solution exists, is unique to you, and is worth pursuing. It is how form, function, story, beauty, conflict, and humanity come together to impact an audience.

Curiosity: A well-timed question is valuable and can change minds and lives. Curiosity is a way of looking at the world with an inquisitive sense of wonder. It is expressed through the questions asked, the desire to listen, and the way visuals are captured and presented in every project.

Craft: Every project is hand-crafted from scratch and combines a sense of artistry, a touch of humanity, and a well-defined purpose.

Commitment: This business is not a side project. It is an expression of my commitment to learning and growing in ways that impact others, creating meaningful work that is valuable, and doing my part to build a better world.

Connection: At the end of the day, everything produced by Chris Martin Studios is for others. Mutually beneficial relationships are an important benchmark in the success of every project.

About Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a filmmaker, podcaster, and educator in Vancouver, WA. He has been involved in a variety of filmmaking projects since 2002 ranging from live video production and documentary video production to feature film production and episodic web series production.

He is madly obsessed with alliteration and loves documentaries, animation and motion graphics, photography, comics, metal and progressive rock music, and films by Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, Werner Herzog, and Guillermo del Toro. Chris loves being active, cooking, reading, learning new creative pursuits, listening to people share about their lives, dreaming about the future, and making those dreams come true. His dream is two-fold:

  1. Produce feature-length documentaries
  2. Provide funding and mentoring to young filmmakers


“Chris Martin Studios provided a fun, seamless, easygoing, professional, and efficient experience! Our project was completed very quickly from start to finish, but not at the expense of the quality. Dean’s Baked Goods has received so many compliments on the promo created and we can’t wait to work with you guys again!”

– Mike Dean, Owner of Dean’s Baked Goods #dbgpdx

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