Design / Dead Lake Title
Design / Dead Lake Title
Photography / Round Lake
Photography / Twilight Pizza
Photogrpahy / Twilight Drinks
Web Dev / Emmaus
Video / Joe Wilson
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Web Dev /
Design / BraTa's Logo
Web Dev / Kairos Church Planting
Photo / Haiti 2012
Video / Innovators of Vancouver Chris Luna
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Innovators of Vancouver

The Curiosity Lab

"To discover the soul of creativity is to embrace the unknown; a secret affair of the mind and heart. It is a belief in the untamed and transformational power of art to affect social and organizational change.

The Curiosity Lab is a place for me to search for and uncover the truth found in the soul of humanity through film and video, photography, design, and writing."


Chris MartinChris Martin Studios is a creative studio that unveils the unique story of businesses and non-profit organizations through video production, photography, design, and web development.